Jacqueline Kennedy’s Pink Suit

Jacqueline Kennedy's Pink Suit, 2013

Jacqueline Kennedy’s Pink Suit, 2013

I etched and printed Jacqueline Kennedy’s Pink Suit (working title) in my printmaking class at Southern Methodist University last Wednesday.

The iconic pink suit is a Chanel copy. It was not a knock-off, but instead a purposeful copy as Chanel is a French designer. I believe the American firm that made the suit had permission to use the design with minor adjustment.

My little etching is only 2.5 x 3 inches. I pulled test prints as an etching, chine collé, mono type (displayed) and chine collé mono type. The small print looks very good on a large sheet of paper. The chine collé prints are done with pink paper.

The only thing missing from the clothing are the blouse, undergarments and shoes. Mrs. Kennedy wore flats in Dallas.

The original pink suit with blood stains is stored at the U.S. National Archives. Mrs. Kennedy donated the suit with the caveat that it not be seen for 100 years. Not sure if this was 100 years after the assassination, the donation or Mrs. Kennedy’s passing in 1994.

The pill-box hat went missing after the presidential motorcade arrived at Parkland Hospital.

Mono Type

A mono type is an etching that has been toned or colored by hand. The etching itself has not been changed, but the custom toning makes each print unique. My mono types involve toning the plate with my finger prints and then selectively removing some of the ink with cotton swabs. An etching that is mainly a good line drawing is really fun to tone.

Chine Collé

Chine collé is the process of adding colored paper between the etching and the base paper. The colored paper is placed over the inked copper plate and then wheat paste or some other powder glue is sprinkled over the back side of the color paper. The wet base paper activates the glue when the copper plate, color paper and base paper are all run through the press.

A larger version of the etching can be seen on my Printmaking – Etching and Mono Types gallery page.